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kill me while i still believe that you were meant for me [entries|friends|calendar]

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prom pictures! yayayayay. [10 Jun 2006|02:37pm]
so there are nineteen.
and these arent all of them, either. i still have two more cameras to get developed. which explains why luke is literally in none of these. which is a goddamn shame, to be honest.

caitlin and laura.

me and andrew.

jamie, me.

caitlin, AJ, seth, jenna, chelsea

kevin, jamie

caitlin, AJ, seth, jenna, chelsea, thomas

AJ, seth, jenna, chelsea, thomas, ryan, laura, tony

ed flowers, me

melissa [JMU ROOMIE!], me


me and my favorite british boy

heather, brittany

me, hannah

brett jumping on ed

grace, brett

me, kelsie

christy, hannah, me, caitlin

carlie, me, jaclyn

heather, brittany, lauren

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we are heading out of town [14 May 2006|11:13am]
i was looking through a bunch of old pictures today, god, how sad...me and my friends are retarded, too. not like thats any great mystery.
im bored and i never use livejournal anymore, so to bring everyone back up to speed:
i work way too much, school is irritating and old, i cant wait to graduate and go to JMU next fall, my grades arent sucking as much as they did last quarter, my friends are kind of amazing, i love talking to this one boy on the phone because, as platonic as our relationship has to be, we fit together, and im getting sort of sick of not knowing where i stand with people.
prom is coming up, im excited. nothing better than a night of dancing, loud people, alcohol, and sex. that IS the american dream.

SOLs next week = lots of extra sleep. that is what im most excited about these days.

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your lips give you awayyyy [19 Apr 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i dont know whats going on...


i like it.

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im stokeddd [26 Mar 2006|12:37pm]
i got into virginia tech and jmu.

pshhh- JMU, here i come, what what!

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[09 Feb 2006|03:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so i got acceptance letters from the University of Washington (in seattle) and George Mason University.
most likely i wont go to either, and ill end up going to jmu or tech.
but its nice to know that i have options now.
im pretty stoked.

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you know it will always just be me. [10 Jan 2006|09:21pm]
The Year 2005:

[P E O P L E]

1. Best friends? Florida-Kelly always. generally hannah, melissa, jane, ashley, laura, caitlin christy as far as girls go, although that was pretty rotational as all relationships tend to be. and actually me and mandy were really close for a while. guy friends kept me grounded: brett, ed, CJ, AJ, luke.
2. Best boyfriend/girlfriend: congratulations, C.J.
3. Lost any friends? temporarily misplaced is the phrase I’d prefer to use. with the exception of bryan, which always winds up permanent, no matter how hard we try to fix that. oh and kendall;;;bleh!
4. Gained any friends: yes! basically everyone I hang out with from barnes and noble. and jamie tomik. and shannon norris.
5. Met a new good friend? jamie is one of my best 

[P L A C E S]

1. Went out of the country? never, actually. lets go?
2. Moved? nah, dude.
3. New school? no
4. How many times on an airplane? twice: to and from florida.
5. Road trips? a few. eep.
[Y O U]

1. Have you changed? for the better. although the apathy is somewhat self-deprecating at times, but I can deal with that.
2. New look? ha no. I will always look like im 12.
3. Any new addictions? hahaha uhhh
4. Biggest conflict this year? whether or not im worth more than a series of one night stands. and whether or not bryan was ever really worth my time this past year.
5. Most depressed time this year? being grounded for a month for something like sex. ridiculous. no car. no phone. no internet. no friends. lameness.

[L O V E]

1. Did you fall in love? hellz no.
2. Did you get heartbroken? over and over. but im finally 100% over the whole thing in itself.
3. Who was your summer love? physically: bryan. emotionally: CJ.

[S E A S O N S]

1. Favorite Season? summah! party party!
2. Least favorite season? winter.
3. Good birthday? very much so. movie and coffee with lukeeee. always a good time.
4. Any snow this year? I think so
5. Highest temperature? ha

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]

1.Snuck out? a lot, actually.
2.Met someone who changed your life? no.
3.Kept your resolution: I don’t make resolutions. just constant reminders of how horribly unreliable I really am.
4.Got arrested: no way
5.Had a first something: indeed.
6.Had a crush: I guess. sorta.
7.Liked someone who didnt like you? yeahhhh. but it was like, a week long crush. it wasn’t real.
8.Lost a family member? no
9.Got bad grades: never!
10.Got suspended: please.
11.Moved states: not this year.
12.Got on myspace: definitely.
13.Learned an instrument: no
14.Started a band: haha
15.Spent over 1 million dollars: amusing.
16.Went streaking: streaking no. skinny dipping yes- a lot.
17.Done something you shouldn't have: duh
18.Kept a secret: yes. a few.
19.Told a secret: most likely.
20.Done something you totally regret: Im not really built for regret.
21.Changed your view on things: some, sure.

(every empty word i say)

[26 Dec 2005|05:32pm]
i love seattle.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

^compliments of bryan tobin :).

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im back. [30 Oct 2005|12:08pm]
holy shit, i havent updated in months.
homecoming weekend was a good time.
pictures? okay!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
heather, jamie, ms sears' daughter, ashley
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^jamie is my best friend.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me, lauren
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me, my favOUrite british boy<3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thomas thinks hes sexy.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
laura = hawt.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
tav, ash [ha, couldnt resist]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ed flowers is quite possibly my favorite person on the earth. ryan loftis said we look like we're married in this picture...pshh, i wouldnt mind so much.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
laura, caitlin, christy, meee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^i look like anime. what a fag.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
kevin, jamie
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
laura, ryan, hahaha

we ended up leaving early.
going to the cicis show.
where bryan played "newsflash" [even though he swore the night before he wouldnt...its this awful song about me and basically makes me sound like the worst person on earth]...i caught his eye within the duration, flicked him off, we both started laughing. i guess we're friends again. and hes insisting on starting a band with my brother, which is a task i would deem impossible, seeing as my parents hate him. but whateverrrr.

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[04 Sep 2005|12:13pm]
so my parents found out that me and bryan had been having sex.
and im being held prisoner in my own home, im miserable, and im crying every other hour. i have no cell phone. no internet access [im only on right now on the pretense of working on AP shit]. absolutely no AIM. no going out. no car [except school and work].
and im made even more miserable by the fact that several of my close friends have my home number but have failed to call me to check up on me.
in case you forgot [or have a heart and wish to make me happy, because i havent smiled since i was tied down]: 757-427-7426 is the number.
im sinking further and further into depression and id appreciate a few calls before i kill myself.

(every empty word i say)

[30 Aug 2005|03:51pm]
what has love become?
it's not like we used to hear in those old songs

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